Emotional Parasite

in the corner of my mind

is my name. I'm simple, optimistic and emotional.

I get along with friends well because I'm bubbly    and out going.  For others, I'm serious and diligent and that's also true. 
Many may probably say I'm boring but let me just stress this out "I don't bother to do stupid things just to be accepted by anyone."

 CALL me Frank, CALL me Stupid but th;at's me, no pretensions. I do things for a reason because I know I'll  be the one facing it's consequences.

I love helping others without asking anything in return from them. This is not boasting this is true. 

Most of the time people laugh at me. 
Most of the time I make them smile.
Then, I realized:

Do I look like a clown or am I just funny?

I don't care what they say about me, as long as there is still someone who believes in me I am confident to face the world. 

 Angelica's a music lover..

i love alternative rock..
emotional songs are nice too.
plus Japanese songs equals

My MUSIC World :)
This is just one of the movies that fascinates me a lot. I believe it's because it captivated and made me reminisce about my high school years.  Those fruitful years of worthwhile memories, of friendship, of love , of happiness.

dEEPer me :)

I'm a good listener!

I may not have the words that could make you smile but i have the ear who listens and the heart who consoles.

Listening to one's feelings, problems and stories in life make them feel they are important. As for those who have problems, they would feel free and lighter having someone like me by their side.

I may not have the best advice one could have, but I have the ears that would make you satisfied.

Another portrait.
Another image of who I am.

Angelica, you can call me Angei, Nji, Tambok, Bok, Gei, Angel or whatever you want but still there is that innate character in me that you can never compare to anyone else.

Friendly indeed, no matter what happens I can afford to offer a smile to people. I may be serious and strict when you first gaze at me, or you may say I'm the silent and shy type but just wait for 30 minutes and you will see how I uncover ME.

I love my friends, 
I cherish them.
They may not be able to appreciate me the way I appreciate their presence in my life but I'm still thankful that I have them.

I don't carry grudges. They are too heavy to manage. I easily forgive people for I know that we are not perfect and each one of us is bound to committing mistakes.

I seem to be too kind but how I wish I wasn't. Sometimes, people are just using me for their own good but hey, :) I don't care because for all I know I was just doing my part and abusing me is another thing, they will be the one facing its consequences in the future. (HOPEFULLY, FUTURE WOULD MEAN TOMORROW)

Dear Childhood

I may not have the most perfect childhood memories,
 but I can say I have enjoyed and I have once been a true KID!