Emotional Parasite

Wanderer :|

I am the sailor of the orient seas
Once a dreamer turned into a magician of tears
Guardian of broken soles
sews the heart that sores
Magi of change
Instructor of camaraderie
Persecutor of injustice
Head of service

What have I done for this planet?

Earth is the only planet created to nurture and cultivate life. It is a great privilege for us to be part and experience the myriad of things life has offered. On the contrary, it is our duty to protect, preserve and nourish the world we are in. The past generations proved their worth to be called “humans”, but the generation of today which I am part of, is simply a big disappointment. Yes, I haven’t done any good for this earth! I am admitting, I am one of the trashes of the society.

It was during childhood when I learned the do’s and don’ts, pros and cons of life. My parents taught me not to throw candy wrappers anywhere, to plant more trees and to love the environment. They painted this wonderful portrait of perfection on my mind and have tried their best to maintain those. But not until the time I was exposed to the outside world, the world once I thought was kind and just. I was captivated by the pleasure around me not minding the morals my parents had inculcated in me. I was not aware that I am gradually killing not only myself but the lives of the future generation, the lives that are expecting an impeccable home to cradle them. I am now becoming a sinful being against the world, against my parents and against the hopeful posterity.

For years that monster in me triumphed in transforming me into a person I don’t even know and imagined to be. I was eaten by the powerful lure of revelry it had brought me. It came to the point of rejecting my parents advices. Then, series of dilemma bombarded our planet. Flash floods, landslides, tsunami, forest fires and the like started to create fear in my system. Fear of loosing my pleasures, my life, my family and my world. I become frantic of what was happening.

In my mind, letters become words and deliberately become realizations. Then I started talking: “I have been one of the trashes scattered along the streets, floating on sewers, and suffocating the fresh air you are breathing. I have been an evil emissary who are to ruin the majestic creations offered to mankind. I continued to contaminate every inch of your actions, to do bad over what is good. I created an epidemic that led to the downfall of this planet. I am “not human”. I do things inhumanely for my own sake and happiness. If it wasn’t for me, this Earth won’t turn out as what it is right now.”

These are my realizations after discerning the consequences of my actions. I tell you,

I am not a paragon of morals and ethics, nor an advocate of wildlife and environmental preservation but I have seen the things I should have done right from the start. I should have been careful with my actions for it does not only affect me alone but the rest of the world. However, all of these are just late

cognizance of my deeds, all regrets and frustrations. And so I’m starting to build a new and brighter beginning for me today, not tomorrow or in the future. For I am living the reality of today where there is a need of abrupt cure for the destruction of the earth.

In the end, I haven’t answered the question what have I done for this planet. I may not have done anything yet for this planet. But I’m starting right at this moment with myself and with others by reaching out to them and by penetrating in their consciousness. Letting them know that we all have the capacity to create change. Everything just entails sacrifice—to serve and share what you have. And right from the moment you have read this, I can say I have done something for the Earth.

Having the will to follow the path I am starting to travel, then you can be my descendant—for change and betterment. Let us submit ourselves to become channels of the Earth’s salvation. Stand up and inform, instruct, inspire, insist and involve in the cause I am starting. Be one and be a hero of your own.


No to comparison

Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone.

There is no need to, for you’ll just end up disappointed

about yourself or for someone else.

Think of the person that you were

years ago, there you will realize the best things that happened to you.

A change that is worth smile.

We Are Not Perfect

Everyday of our lives, we keep on complaining why do things happen. We always try to blame others without checking if we have done something to make things right. It is just natural for humans to deny the fact that we have commited such flaws in life, but is it ethical to claim our innocence inexpense of others’?

I, admit that the hardest thing for me is to tell the world that I have done something wrong. I’m not a perfectionist but I look at things on possitive ways. It’s not a big deal if I have failed, but the fact that the people stare at you as if you are a criminal is hard to bare. Is it wrong to fail? Am I going to suffer forever because of just one wrong move?

This is the problem that is vividly present in the society. We always see the bad side(or perhaps just observing the bad side) a person has.We keep on counting how many times they have done wrong things without giving credit to the myriad of good things they have countributed not only in our part but also to the rest of mankind.

Isn’t it enough to see them sorry for what they have done? Precisely, I am not washing my hands about this fact. I am also judgemental but often than not, I try to examine what is behind every action a person does. For we don’t have the right to stereotype people nor to give judgements without enough basis.

Let’s open our eyes, we will see how beautiful the world is if we won’t dwell too much with it’s imperfection!

My 25 minute thought 

how I wish you can leave me,
I can no longer dwell with your baggage
It’s too much
I can no longer handle
You stay away
and leave sanity in me
Don’t crash my life
I do not approve
I need calmness not you
Poor soul who lives in misery
I no longer dare to be
When darkness succumbs my life
I see the storm in me
A fragile heart who wants light
who only wants to be poured down with majesty
I do not need extravagance
nor I do approve mediocrity
Can I ever be able to change the course of my reality
or be embraced by the curse that will shatter my positivity

Rescue me,

give me air

I need to breathe

For I shall perish if not

so please,

I need your empathy
not just your sympathy
for its only I who can rightfully understand me.

UNrecovered me

Where are you? I”m asking myself. I have been the best of me for so long but now deterioration attacked my personality. Whose fault is this, is it mine?

No doubt, the strong part of me has collapsed for a while. How can I ever look up again to see the sky with no tears in my eyes. I fear no one but myself. I am afraid to lose track of my standing. I wasn’t mesmerized by fame, nor by pride and by glory.

Stop the pressures! I do not need them. I need myself. The true me. The whole me.

I want to see that child again who sees only the positive side of life. The one who always sees the good in everything she encounters. Where are you now? I need you, I can no longer grasp the solutions of all the troubles that controls my life now. I need peace, I want it.

Truth says, I am starting to give up but my heart is pretty optimistic that somehow, in this course of time, I’ll be able to stand tall with no strings that propels my being.

Call me frank. Call me sensitive. I would never deny me. Yes, I am transparent, as transparent as the water that runs along the brook. I am not naive.

I dare to discover the depths of me for I know  I would never be in pain. I know myself, but for know is that so?

Change seems to eat me, I do not want this but can never stop this gradual destruction perhaps of the authentic me. No wonder, I see pain. All negativeness spoils me. 

How can I recover? Now, tell me. :)

Synthesis of the Mind

Agony is not in the mind it is of the heart!
Life isn’t as perfect as it is but its imperfection makes it perfect.

Nonetheless, everything is simple
at first glimpse all is raw

and then man itself made everything complicated.
the mind perceives too much

that sometimes it stops to function
it can no longer tolerate the mishaps of life

Brain dead!
an alarming matter
aren't you afraid when the time comes
that your own brain won’t work anymore.
you do things that kills its life
it controls everything
yet your deeds tries to get hold of its power

when its end comes blame it to yourself!