Emotional Parasite

one on one with Ally

Proximity is not the true measure of Friendship. I may be surrounded by millions of people yet, I don’t know each one of them. But this shy little gal that I have known for quite some time has been a one of the greatest part of my emotional world. She may be miles away, but I think she knew me better than anyone.

She may not know my birthday nor my parents’ name or my plans in life, but there are certain things that I have shared to her that no one knows. When I am upset, I can blow to her all the anxieties I feel. Perhaps she is one of the persons whom I believe is likely to be me. Aside from being the only child, I have also undergone the same experiences that she had.

She is indeed a reflection of my personality—the true me. The silent Angelica, the shy one, the person that anyone have not seen in me. When it comes to facing people, I’m bubbly and studious, diligent and helpful but sometimes I get tired of being the half of me in front of them.

 But this girl, she is what she is. 

On the Note: 

Allyssa and Angelica in Collision

 Hi Ally can I have your Complete Name and A little background about yourself?


Allyssa Maglalang

 I`m 16 years old.
 Born on October 6, 1994 in Manila.
 I`m the only child of Anna Lazel and Rafael Maglalang.